Two Million Japanese Gamers Can’t Be Wrong with Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

The Yu Gi Oh Duel Link launch is an almost unprecedented success in Japan. Does this guarantee that the US launch will be as successful?

When you look at the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links launch in Japan, it is by all accounts a massive success. Konami has announced that it has shipped more than 2 million downloads, and none of them are left in stores. In less than two months, the Yu Gi Oh Duel Link has already outnumbered the some of the biggest games in recent times.
But does the success in Japan guarantee that the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links launch in the US will be as big? No. However, the massive Japanese launch will have spillover in the US. Here’s how:

Developer Support Is Ensured

Gamers do not want to sit around and wait for games to be developed for their platform of choice. Just ask any Saturn owner what it was like waiting for new titles near the end of that console’s lifespan, and you’ll know it’s not a good position to be in.

Developers now know that the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links will all but certainly be the market leader in Japan, so they know they are guaranteed a massive market for their games. Because of this, US gamers are guaranteed a constant flow of games coming for the iOS well into its lifespan, even if the US launch isn’t strong. Plus, developers who are deciding which platforms to develop for in the coming year are looking at the Japanese sales numbers, and many feel the US numbers will be even greater.

Game support has traditionally driven game downloads. This bodes well for the title’s chances in the US.

Konami Can Take Bigger Risks In The US

Because Konami knows that it has all but locked up the next-generation gaming market, the company can take risks during its US launch. We are already seeing one of those risks in the news stories that revealed Konami’s plans to launch with a modem in the US. This will certainly add cost to the already expensive production costs of the game, but Konami knows it has support back home and, because of that, feels it’s safe to make this move.

The Japanese Market Rarely Backs A Loser

While it’s certainly true that Japanese gamers will occasionally ignore a game that does well in the US the Japanese videogame market rarely backs a loser. The Japanese culture has embraced videogames like the US culture never has. Because of this, the consoles and games that Japanese gamers support usually do very well in the rest of the world.

Konami Has Finally Proven That It Has Hardcore Brand Loyalists

It seems that Japanese gamers didn’t even care that the first batch of Yu Gi Oh Duel Link games were less than spectacular. In fact, many gamers download the new game based on the brand alone. The knock on owners in the past has been that they are casual gamers who aren’t dedicated to Konami the same way that Sega and Nintendo fans are.

Many felt that even though the user base was the biggest of any home videogame console in history, that success wouldn’t necessarily carry over to the next generation. Judging by the success in Japan, it looks like the success will carry over.
Even though the Japanese launch bodes well for the US launch, the success in Japan could cause a few problems. Here are few of the biggest concerns:

Success In Japan Could Make Konami Overconfident

The game market in Japan is different from the market in the US. If Konami forgets this, the company could make mistakes of overconfidence in the US and give hungry competitors like Microsoft the chance they need.
Nothing Is Guaranteed

If the history of the videogame industry has taught us anything, it’s that events don’t always happen they way they’re expected to. Konami must approach the US launch with as much passion and intensity as it had for the original launch. Otherwise, unexpected problems could rear their ugly heads.

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