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Clash of Clans Bot – Gems and Tricks

Clash of Clans Bot is one of the most popular tool used by players today. It automates everything and farms unlimited gems for you. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. This tricks or shall we say exploit is so revolutionary that most of those with TH level of 10 and above are using it. They are fortifying their bases without breaking a sweat. Isn’t it cool? Well, this is essentially what one needs in order to become on of the best in the game. You need to grind, play long hours just to farm, or wait of so many days just to get your upgrade done. Everything will be easy and fast for the gamer.

We all know that Clash of Clans is free-to-play, but there is sense of frustration building up as you deeper in the game. This is due to the fact that everything becomes tedious and will require enormous amount of hours especially you need to farm resources such as gold and elixir. Other than buying gems from the appstore of both iOS and Android, you are left with no option.  But then again,you can still use Clash of Clans Bot and enjoy the game like you normally would. So, here is your chance. Stop being a martyr. Stop being left behind. Use this tool and become the player you always dream of.

Clash of Clans Bot Features:

  • Automatic farming
  • Deploy near the red lines with very high accuracy
  • Exclusive 2 fingers deployment
  • Customized wave deployment
  • Customized order of troop types in battle
  • Automatic wall upgrade
  • Option to train troops by barracks or custom army
  • Smart troop training & deployment
  • Search by Townhall level
  • Automatic Troop Donating & Requesting
  • Global chat advertising and customizable settings
  • Customized option to activate hero abilities after X seconds.
  • Auto collect resources
  • Auto clear tombstones
  • Auto collect loot cart
  • Auto reconnect
  • Search only mode
  • Maintain the village mode
  • Option to configure time-out hours
  • Advanced end battle settings

clash of clans bot

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Note: These features are subject to changes without prior notice. Ready changelogs to keep track of the updates.

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Before we get to the process of getting to play the game for free, let me just tell you that Bethesda made Fallout 4 the best ever in the series. You know why? Well, simply because it is currently sporting features that were impossible during the release of its predecessors. Aside from better graphics, gameplay-wise has been enhanced tremendously. Not to mention the new modes that the players will get to enjoy.

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Enjoy Minecraft like never before with the all new MineCraft Story Mode Crack. It works on your favorite platforms — be it PC, OSx, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 etc. This game is a must for every fan and gamer all over the world. We all know the title itself, which has brought so many smiles despite its simplicity and seemingly odd graphics. Why spend your cash on such game, when you can get it for free? Well, the answer for that question can be found here. With the use of the game crack available here for download, you can play the game as if you bought it from a legit store.

For those who have been a fan of Minecraft over the years, you really do not need some form of introductions, but for those who are new to this, let me take this opportunity of introducing you this game. Minecraft: Story Mode is an ongoing episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game based on the survival video game Minecraft. It is being developed by Telltale Games, in association with Mojang, the developer that started it all. But with the new head developer Telltale. The title will be patterned off The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us etc., where player choices and actions have significant effects on later story elements, as the title suggest “Story Mode”.

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