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Now, let me talk about a little about This is a massively played online game with a very simple mechanic. The mechanic is much like the “oldie but goodie” game snake which was played by millions during the glorious years of Nokia as the leading cellphone company. This is also the same concept as the one we have seen last year — the game, remember? Well, if you haven’t played both games — then the mechanics of the game is simple. You simply need to grow your Slither (snake or snakelike) to the longest possible it can be. Of course, there will be hindrances for that simple goal. There will be enemies whose goal is also the same and they will do anything just to stop their competition from becoming one. Even with this simple gameplay, the game is an instant hit. It is very popular among gamers especially now that it has been played by the likes of PewDewPie, who has tremendous following among the world of gamers. Game Cheats | Hack Unblocked Game Cheats | Hack Unblocked

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